"You made an indelible impression.... You always
do a great job of linking innovative and creative ability.... It means a great deal to us that this is also very entertaining and fun."

+   For over 17 years, SIDney has demonstrated the miracles of the mind for hundreds of companies including Smith Barney, John Hancock, AMOCO, Baxter, Dean Witter, Campbell's Soup, John Deere, R.R. Donnelley, LaSalle Bank, Exxon, Merck, Nortel, Quaker Oats, Leo Burnett, DDB Needham, McDonald's, Kraft, Harris Bank and hundreds more. 
+   SIDney has appeared as a featured guest on numerous TV talk and news shows, including ABC-TV's THE VIEW with Barbara Walters, NBC-TV's TODAY SHOW, the CBS MORNING NEWS, the FOX MORNING NEWS and dozens more.
+   SIDney's own intuitive and also mathematical gifts were discovered at an early age, and through the years he has learned how to explain what he does so others can improve their own mind powers. 
+   SIDney is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music, did graduate studies in Sweden on a Frank Huntington Beebe Fund Fellowship, had his first music published at the age of nineteen, won the national ASCAP Prize for Young Composers, and later was a composer fellow at the Boston Symphony Orchestra's Tanglewood Music Festival. More recently, Sidney has written numerous scores for television shows including the PBS-TV series WORLD MUSEUM CLASSICS, and for commercials including United Airlines.

+   Done for fun and entertainment, SIDney's prediction career received public acclaim when he accurately predicted the landing point of Hurricane Floyd on CBS-TV news. 
+   To explain his insights on the creative and subconscious mind, Sidney wrote YOUR MIND KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO - The Subconscious Secrets of Success, a hardcover book published by Blue Dolphin in 2000. It was an AMAZON TOP 25 best-seller twice that year.  His follow-up is MIND DYNAMICS, an audio program published by Nightingale-Conant.
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