the ability to communicate on a subconscious level to create customer loyalty.  It's many times more difficult to bring in a new customer than to keep a current one. You must of course ALWAYS focus on both, but it's a major loss when a current customer drops out. You want the current customers loyal, and you want to DEVELOP a loyalty with the new customers. And most important, LOYAL CUSTOMERS will encourage others they know to use your product or service.
  how to have no more satisfied customers. Yep, you read that correctly. Instead of satisfied customers, you will have thrilled customers.  Satisfaction is not good enough anymore. If they're not thrilled with your company, they'll fade away.  And if they are thrilled, they'll be loyal, and if they're loyal, they will continue to use your service, and if they continue to ecstatically call on your service, they will be telling others about it. And that means more customers.
  mental components which will bring new business by creating a comfort among potential (and current) customers. We cannot control others or force them into an action; but we can affect their subconscious so they are open to what you have to offer. To do this, Sidney shares the Synchronicity Principle, the WOW Principle, the use of super effective body language, voice inflection, pacing, pitch, breathing, visualization techniques, and the Destiny Attainment Technique.
+   the ability to better sense what others are thinking and feeling.
+   an increased intuitive ability to sense trends.
+   a more highly developed skill for creativity, especially with problem solving.
+  an increased power to innovate.
+   an improved skill for seeing the big picture.
+   how to successfullycombine intuition with data and rational thought.
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"Corporations looking to smash paradigms and energize the work force have increasingly turned to an evangelist for 'magical thinking' ... Sidney Friedman."

"an evangelist for magical thinking"
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