- Most decisions are reactionary. A leader must be quick to react, but ultimate success is achieved when a leader is quick to "proact."
- It's been said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  It's worse not to use your heart.  
- If the days seem to be getting darker, remember every fall wind has a windfall. 
- Touch is a synonym for peace.     

- The whole is usually defined by the sum of its parts, but more so, the whole is defined by the sum of its art. 

- Democracy in action doesn't have to be democracy in friction.

- When teaching a class in nonconformity, don't expect the students to be on time. 

- What you say and how you say it are both important. Though the final judgment is with your actions that back up those words. On another level, what you don't say and how you don't say it are also important. Try speaking without speaking.

- Actions speak louder than verbs. Speaking builds interest; actions build trust.

- The definition of selflessness is effective parenting.
- If you can imagine the change without it seeming strange, then the change will exchange with the present. 

- If you fear the future, you cannot steer the future.
- Bodies die but creation always grows. Think eternally in terms of what you can create, invent and discover. Creation is the breaking of the barrier into immortality. It also leads to energy, vitality and meaning in life. 
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